Ridding the Planet of Nuclear Radiation with the help of Nuclear Radiation Mitigation Technologies

Author: James L. Schmidt

Fukushima? How soon we forget. The media reported on March 11, 2011 that a large 9.0 earthquake caused a tsunami wall of water to crash inland and swamp the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The resulting explosions took away the electrical systems and cooling water and destroyed 4 of the 6 reactors. Tons of radioactive gases and particles were sent into the atmosphere across the Pacific toward the shores of the United States.

TEPCO, the operator of the facility, built by General Electric, scrambled to try to reinstall electrical power and restore cooling water to the reactors, but soon found that the 4 reactors had been destroyed to the point of fuel rods beginning to melt through the bottom of the reactors. Ocean water is being brought in along with ground water flowing through the facility. Attempts are being made to store the cooling waters in large plastic containers on the property, but 40,000 gallons per day are still going out to sea through the rocks, according to a private source.

According to my private source, attempts were made to use nano-concrete to seal up the rocks. The source also had inside personal information that the earthquake was caused by focused H.A.A.R.P. frequencies and that the explosions inside the facility were the result of small nuclear devices Trojan Horsed in and timed to go off with the arrival of the tsunami. Fighting between international economic czarists? For this, see also the article: Fukushima Was An Inside Job: The Sabotage Exposed.(1)

The subsequent plume of radioactive gases, that crossed the Pacific and into the United States’ North West, caused a fivefold increase in the cases of pneumonia. There was an increase of 14,000 deaths, five times greater than the previous year along the pacific coast, according to Dr. Janette Sherman, M.D. and toxicologist.(2) Dr. Sherman projects that the long term cancer deaths across the United States will be in the millions due to the radioactivity coming from Fukushima.

It is expected that fallout from Fukushima will continue for hundreds of years. The initial reports of radioactivity from Cesium 137 were 10,000 times greater than normal. Iodine 131, also a radioactive isotope, was hundreds of times above normal. By June of 2011, all official sources of information on the fallout and updates on Fukushima suddenly stopped, leaving civilians to find the information for themselves.

Other sources have continued to report on the status of the Fukushima reactors, the resulting poisonous radiation gases, and the death of sea life in the pacific resulting from the radioactive water. (3) Other sources purport to see very little threat from radiation in the Pacific Ocean. But even now new plumes of radioactive steam are emerging as a result of the melted fuel rods reaching deeper into ground waters as can be read in the article Fukushima Radiation Spikes 7,000% – the MSM is Quiet About it.(3) And worse is yet to come, according to an article on the website “Health Freedom Alliance” entitled West Coast of North America to be Slammed by 2016 with 80% As Much Fukushima Radiation As Japan.(3)

Dr. Mita, M.D., says in a 2014 report that Tokyo should no longer be inhabited: – Everyone here is a victim of Fukushima – People truly suffering – Bleeding under skin, urinary hemorrhaging – Children’s blood tests started changing last year – Time is running short… it is up to physicians to save our citizens and future generations.(4)

Fukushima is the latest in the catastrophic failure of nuclear reactors spewing out it’s toxic radioactivity into the air and settling in the soil downwind around the globe, the soil that is used to grow our food. Prior to Fukushima there has been Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. There are hundreds of nuclear reactors around world. France is dependent on nuclear reactors for 75% of their energy. Germany has recently decided to abandon nuclear power generation. Many of these reactors are spotted on earthquake faults and many of the facilities are showing cracks in the fuel assembly. With aging, these facilities eventually must have expensive repairs or be replaced at huge costs. When will the next disaster occur?

The Threat of Nuclear Radiation
Radiation from nuclear sources threatens to destroy our planet. Residual fallout from the nuclear testing in the 50’s and 60’s still emits long term radioactivity. The poisonous gases and particles released from nuclear power plant catastrophes like Fukushima and Chernobyl will affect life on this planet for thousands of years. Is the planet Earth doomed to the same fate as Mars, uninhabitable?

Figure 1 shows the time for the decay of primary radioactive isotopes based on their half-life (the time it takes to transmute half of its atoms).

2 - FIGURE 1

Figure 1 – Radioactive Decay Rates – Institute of Energy Research

The radioactive isotopes released from bombs or power plant disasters emit high energy particles, alpha (helium atoms), beta (electrons) and gamma radiation, which can cause destruction of biological cells resulting in possible cancer with the accumulation of the deadly radioactive particles over time. These radioactive isotopes are deposited downwind in the soil and oceans of the world. While the major effects are near the source, great concentrations can be sent around the globe and accumulated through the wind and ocean currents. It is estimated that the distribution of radioactive particles from Fukushima across the United States will cause thousands of additional cancerous deaths.(2)

We absorb the radioactive isotopes, primarily Cesium 137 and Strontium 90, through the vegetables we eat, which absorb the particles from the soil. We can also absorb radioactive particles through the dairy foods and from fish which inhabit poisoned waters in the Pacific Ocean. It is reported that sea life in the Pacific Ocean is being greatly affected by radioactive pollution from Fukushima.(5) Sea lions are becoming sick, polar bears are losing their hair, star fish are turning to mush, and dead fish are washing up on the Western Coast Lines. Fisheries in the Northwest and Canada are having difficulties catching fish and canneries are being shut down. One should have second thoughts about eating fish from the Pacific Ocean. 

Radioactive Wastes – Where to Store it?
Another source of radiation poisoning is from the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, the spent fuel rods. There is no official designated spot for storing these wastes long term (thousands of years). Wherever you store it, there is the possible threat of leakage into the ground waters with subsequent pollution of the surrounding area. 

Spent fuel rods can still emit a lot of heat. One entrepreneurial individual has combined spent fuel rods with a Sterling engine to produce electricity in a very compact unit.

Uranium 235, from spent fuel rods, is used in bunker busters and tank ammo. There are thousands of rounds spread around the desert and in villages in Iraq. Couples there no longer ask what the gender of their baby is, when looking at ultrasound pictures; they just want to know if it is normal.(6)

The Metrics of Radioactivity
Measuring and monitoring radioactivity is necessary to understand how to protect ourselves, mitigate it or transmute it. Scientists and engineers in the nuclear community use measurement units, which only they are really privy to. The following table provides the typical measurement units in scientific terms (figure 2): 

Figure 2

Figure 2 – Understanding Units of Radiation

At the source we measure the output in Becquerels. Translated, this means the number of radiation particles being emitted per unit of time and unit area. The exposure to radioactive particles or radiation is measured in roëntgens, Coulombs (or electric charge) per kilogram. Rads or Grays represent the dose or the amount of radioactive particles and radiation being absorbed in a given time. Rems or Sieverts are a cumulative unit of dose equivalent to the radioactivity being absorbed in the body.

Geiger Counters are used to measure and monitor radioactivity. They measure in counts per minute and depending on the type may only measure beta and alpha particles or may also include gamma radiation. Dosimeters are used to monitor the total dose an individual has received over time in an area of high radiation activity.

Onset of Radiation Sickness
Radiation sickness and the onset of cancer in the body is proportional to the radiation dose being experienced at any given time, the time of the exposure and therefore the total dose accumulated in the body or a particular part of the body. Table 1 provides a summary of the levels at which the body begins to be under stress from exposure to radioactivity:

Figure 3

Table 1 – Levels of Radiation and Their Effect on Health

We are always being exposed to some type of radiation from our surroundings or from space. I am talking about the soil in general, or the beta, gamma and other radiation from the sun and from beyond our solar system. This is called background radiation. An average background exposure is 600 millirads per year.

The onset of radiation sickness is around 75 Rads. A dose of 100 Rads received in a few days, on the other hand, would only lead to the onset of symptoms. In a general catastrophe such as Fukushima, 50% of the population would experience death when receiving a total dose of 400 rads in the first few hours after the initial release.

Protection from Exposure to Nuclear Radioactivity
The first line of defense to the exposure of radioactivity is the use of shielding. That is why you see health scientists and workers in nuclear power plants wear thick clothing and masks. Figure 3 shows the type of shielding that will protect you from the different types of radioactivity. Alpha particles (helium atoms), which are relatively large, can easily be shielded by clothing. High speed neutrons (in and around a nuclear facility) require more shielding. Beta particles (electrons) require only thin sheets of aluminum, but the gamma rays require large thickness of concrete and/or lead.

Figure 3

Figure 3 – Shielding Required versus Type of Radiation

Nuclear Radioactivity and Health
ost risks to health come from ionizing radiation coming from radioactive isotopes ingested into the body from our food or taken into the lungs from the air we breathe. Ionizing radiation (alpha particles, neutrons, beta particles, and gamma rays) can all destroy chemical bonds, knock loose electrons in atoms and generally cause an excess of free radicals. When the free radicals overcome our immune system, we begin to experience the symptoms of radiation poisoning which can result in cancerous cells. A low dose rate exposure over years may still result in cancer. Latent cancer may only become detectable decades after initial exposure.(7)

The most widely accepted model suggests that the incidence of cancer due to ionizing radiation increases linearly with an effective radiation dose at a rate of 5.5% per Rem.(7)

Protecting Ourselves Against Nuclear Radioactivity
There are methods and remedies for protecting ourselves from nuclear radioactivity and for curing radiation sickness. The key understanding is that the net result of the ionizing radiation from nuclear radiation is the creation of free radicals in the body. Most treatments then are based on the use of anti-oxidants of one form or another and the use of supplements that will balance the effects in the particular organ affected.

In situations where the dose rates are continuously high, as for instance at a location near a nuclear catastrophe or downwind of the catastrophe, it is necessary to consider the use of other techniques to protect ourselves from the radioactive particles deposited in the soil and the prevailing winds.

The protective measures we can take then are divided into those that can A. mitigate or protect us from radioactive materials in the environment, B. treat the effects of the ionizing radiation once it has gotten into our bodies and C. mitigate and transmute the radioactivity directly at the source.

A. Mitigation Techniques for the Soil and Our Environment

Nature, it turns out, is very forgiving of our environmental mistakes. She has her own mechanisms for mitigating human made and natural radioactivity. This was the case with Chernobyl, with the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and is the case with the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

The first mechanism is dispersion. In the case of Chernobyl and Fukushima, the upper winds disperse the initial radiative gases and particles, so there is little likelihood of high concentrations in populated areas, yet it is still dangerous. Also, the waters flowing into the ocean from Fukushima, result in a great dispersion of the radioactive isotopes coming from the uncontrolled reactions in the destroyed reactors. The second mechanism is through absorption and transmutation that occurs in certain soils of the proper minerals and crystalline rock structures. The third mechanism is the transmutation of nuclear isotopes through natural occurring bacteria or micro-organisms. As Victor Schauberger says: “Observe nature and repeat the processes”.

Volcanic Materials and Rocks for the Soil – Following the Chernobyl disaster, those living downwind in Europe were forced to take drastic actions in many cases. They were well aware of the dangers of the radioactivity that was coming their way and they continually monitored the levels of radioactivity in their area and their food. The primary sources of radiation poisoning were the fresh vegetables and the dairy products.

From the article From Chernobyl to Japan: Treating Radiation Sickness with Rock Dust on the website “Remineralize the Earth”:

In the years leading up to Chernobyl, some dairy farmers in Austria were using remineralization as a part of their operations. They added rock dust to liquid manure as well as combining it with compost, thereby removing odors and greatly increasing soil biota. As a result, cows had twice the normal lifespan and produced much more milk. Amazingly enough, after Chernobyl, the cheeses that were remineralized (as well as biodynamic cheeses) measured no radioactivity whatsoever. Austrians would stand in long lines in order to buy these safe, remineralized products.(8 and 9)

Photo-remediation using Hemp Thanks to Kathleen Smith.(14) Hemp has been found to absorb heavy metals from soil at a very high rate. In 1989, just three years after the initial explosion at Chernobyl, the Soviet administration of the time requested that the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) assess the environmental situation. In the 30 km exclusion zone surrounding Chernobyl, high concentrations of various toxic metals including iodine, cesium-137, strontium-90 and plutonium were found in the soil, as well as in plants and animals themselves.

For over a decade since, industrial hemp (Figure 4) has been growing in the environs of the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine, thus helping to reduce the soil radioactive toxicity. Now, the Japanese are considering following the same course in order to rectify the environmental damage caused by the Fukushima meltdown. However, due to the Cannabis Control Law forced into Japanese law by the occupying U.S. powers in 1948, hemp may only be grown under license, which is highly restricted and difficult to obtain.(10)

Hemp plant

Hemp Plant

Basalt Basalt is an igneous rock that forms from the relatively rapid solidification of basaltic lavas and is one of the most common types of rock in the world. Minerals and trace elements in volcanic ash clouds are extremely beneficial for the planet. The rocks themselves have the basic elements for life including carbon, phosphorous and nitrogen, only requiring water to complete the formula. It is high in silicates, iron, and magnesium.

Basalt and volcanic ash can be used for healing the physical body, remediation of toxic waste, nontoxic “enlivened cements”, healing building materials, and radiation shielding. The crystalline structures within basalt can be used for communicators/capacitors. The light emitting from the crystalline structures are an avenue for many “out of the box” developments – and the microbes within have a world all their own.(11)

Zeolite – Zeolite is a family of hydrous silicates contained in the cavities of basalt. Zeolites can restore alkaline pH, detoxify heavy metals in the body, clean up radioactivity at nuclear waste dumps and absorb huge amounts of gas. Bags of Zeolite have been dropped off the coast at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site to absorb the radioactive Cesium in the water.(11) 

B. Taking Minerals and Other Substances Internally

There are a number of substances that can be taken internally to absorb heavy metals and radioactive nuclides or cure radiation sickness by treating the body’s resulting oxidative stress.

Superbiomin The product Superbiomin alters the atomic lattice with a regression to orthoclase, a process which generates a pulsed electrical potential. It was also discovered that this mineral product produced magnetic pulses, that stimulate human cell membranes. 10g – 15g per day has an effect of de-activating ionized radioactive particles in the body. It breaks down the high oscillation rate of such particles, rendering them innocuous. This effect has also been confirmed by a Russian Institute for Atomic Physics in the Ukraine.

Other commercially marketed minerals, which can aid in combating the effects of ionizing radiation and radio isotopes in the body, include Micro Excelerite (www.biomultimin.com) in the U.S. and Schindele’s Minerals (www.mineralien.co.at) in Europe.(12 and 13)

Green Clay, Zeolite and Calcium Bentonite – French Green Clay and Zeolite were both taken internally after the Chernobyl meltdown disaster. Chocolate bars and biscuits containing French Green Clay were distributed to the exposed population. French Green clay and Zeolite can be used to decontaminate your drinking water and milk.(14) Calcium Bentonite can also be used to decontaminate your vegetables. When you add a teaspoon of any of these three minerals to a glass of water the ionic properties is such that they electromagnetically attract and bind with heavy metals, toxins and radiation. Enteraklenz is a product that is a combination of Activated Charcoal and Benthonic Clay flavored with chocolate mint in powder form.(14)

IodineIodine can be taken in a number of forms. It’s primary treatment is for the thyroid which will absorb radioactive iodine. The most common form is Potassium Iodide. From Amazon.com you can buy Logol’s Iodine, which is a mix of iodine and potassium iodide, and which has been around for over a century. Another source of iodine is MagNascent (www.magnascent.com and  www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/what-is-nascent-iodine/).(14)

Nascent Iodine or pure Iodine atoms are formed when the Potassium Iodide molecule is broken down magnetically to produce magnetically charged atoms of this essential element. Nascent iodine holds an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge. The body can seamlessly absorb and utilize nascent iodine for metabolic and detoxification processes, making it more effective as a supplement for the body.

Potassium iodide is usually used to protect the thyroid and infants/young children against radiation. Russia stopped using it after Chernobyl as it was found ineffective against severe radiation. The more proven and effective way to deal with severe radiation conditions was with the use of fetal wheat sprouts found in “Stress Release”, a product of “Nature’s Glory”. Peter Lim of “Nature’s Glory”(15) also points out the effectiveness of Chlorella used against radiation poisoning, due to its anti-oxidative properties. Seaweed like kombu, hijiki, and arame are high in iodine.

Boron – One thing to consider, if you can’t get Potassium Iodide, is to try boron. According to “Minerals and the Genetic Code”, boron is very effective at neutralizing radioactivity and removing the radioactive isotopes from the body. The Japanese have doused the Fukushima reactors with boric acid. Boron is an essential trace mineral for the body.(14)

Entolimod Vaccine – Entolimod is a protein based vaccine that has shown the ability to protect the body against radiation induced cancer by working through the body’s immune system. Entolimod is the invention of Dr. Andrei Gudkov, C.E.O. of “Cleveland BioLabs”.(16)

Hydrogen Enriched Water – According to M.J. Pangman of the website “Dancing with Water”(17) and research by the U.S. Navy, hydrogen enriched water will neutralize reactive oxygen species (R.O.S.), free radicals, in the body, that may be the result of ionizing radiation produced by ingested radioactive particles.(18)

Carbon-60 Bob Greska of Engineering Innovations LLC sells Carbon-60 (buckyballs) suspended in sunflower oil for Health and Longevity. Bob says that the C-60 carbon molecules have the ability to give up or receive 2 electrons. This enables the molecules to also interact with free radicals, thus improving the health of the system and help the body survive in a radiation environment.(19)

Figure 4

Figure 4 – Buckyball: a 6 Sided Carbon Structure

Other products for detoxifying the body and cleaning out radioactive nuclides can be found at the website “Global Light Network”: www.globallight.net.

Quantum Energy Protection Scalar energy has become a popular term in the field of healing and Tesla-related energy-generating devices. In electromagnetic field theory, scalar waves are the third component of electromagnetic fields without a vector direction and are considered to be longitudinal waves (like sound in air, but in the ether instead). A pair of conjugate phase E.M. waves (equal in amplitude but opposite in direction or sign) are said to create scalar energy at the point of intersection.(20) This scalar energy is believed to create healing in the cells and transmute or diminish the radioactive elements.

Siva Poobalasingam, M.D. “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy”(21) makes the case that when cells lose their inner-outer potential (normally at -70 millivolts), they become diseased and can turn cancerous (divide into two cells) to preserve themselves. He postulates that scalar energy is the energy that can restore the original cell potential and health to the organ. John Florenda also speaks about the benefits of scalar energies in his pdf – “A practical guide to the Benefits of Scalar Energy”(21)

Tom Beardon states in his patent and treatise on “Method, System And Apparatus For Conditioning Electromagnetic Potentials, Fields, And Waves To Treat And Alter Matter”, that a method of creating scalar energy can be accomplished and that this scalar energy can change and alter matter including nuclear materials. Beardon suggests that a scalar beam interferometer be directed at the source to perform the transmutation of the radioactive source.(20)

Figure 5

Figure 5 – Scalar Potential Interferometry produces all E.M. Force Fields and Waves

Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants – “Nesian Fusion”(22) promotes products that include pendants that create scalar energies for healing the body and protecting it from harmful E.M. radiation. In particular, their Lava Pendant, which contains 76 different minerals, creates natural scalar energies in addition to being programmed with certain frequencies. These scalar energies as a minimum can protect the health of the cell from ionizing radiation from radioactive nuclides ingested into the body.

C. Technologies for Transmutation of Radioactive Nuclides at the Source

The concentrated sources of radioactivity include nuclear power plants and their catastrophic remains, nuclear waste (spent fuel rods) and subsequently air, sea water and streams carrying radioactive particles.

There is a multitude of technologies, that have been postulated and a number actually demonstrated to be effective in mitigating or completely transmuting high energy nuclear materials into stable isotopes. These technologies can be generally divided into the categories of plasma processes, electromagnetic processes, the use of scalar waves, and bioremediation.

Gary Vesperman has documented 25 radioactivity neutralization methods in the Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions.(23) In addition, “Rex Research”(24) has references to 61 patents that claim the ability to remediate nuclear radioactivity. Andrew Michrowski of “The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.” (P.A.C.E.) has provided references to an additional nine technologies for transmutation of radioactive waste and has written an excellent article on the subject.(25) P.A.C.E. member, Mark Porringa, summarized technologies and processes for nuclear radioactive waste in his report prepared for Canadian authorities.(26)

The following are descriptions of some of the more practical applications:

Brown’s Gas-metal Matrix Process Mark Porringa has researched and tested a process that uses Brown’s gas (hydrogen-oxygen mix) which reportedly reduces radioactivity by 95%. Brown’s gas is used to create a plasma like environment which can transmute the radioactive materials.

Photo Deactivation – Paul Brown has experimented with a process he calls photo deactivation. In this process a 10 MeV electron beam is directed onto a tungsten target. The resulting gamma radiation interacts with the radioactive material causing it to be reduced to stable isotopes.

ZIPP Fission And Fusion Process Oakridge National Laboratories with Mark Porringa have experimented successfully with a process that uses a carbon arc under water. It reportedly produces a low energy fission and fusion process involving the hydrogen in the water to neutralize radioactivity.

LENTEC Process – The Cincinnati Group in Salt lake City has developed a process that uses Low Energy Nuclear Electrolytic Cells to perform the transmutation of Radioactive Elements (R.E.). The theory is based on a lattice nested Hydrino model.

The P.I.T. Processes – Ken Shoulders has proposed the use of High Density Charge Clusters to provide for a Plasma Induced Transmutation Process for R.E. Ken has done considerable research into the properties of charge clusters composed of electrons or ions. The charge clusters can reach temperatures as high as 20,000 degrees F. internally.(27)

The Monti ProcessRoberto A. Monti has demonstrated a method by which radioactive waste was submitted to confined explosions. It was found that the radioactivity was mitigated in 1 to 4 days. This technique has been confirmed by the Italian ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and is supported by the French CEA (Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission) scientists as a serious candidate for treatment of waste stockpiles.

L.E.N.R. Processes – Roberto Monti also presents an analysis showing how Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (L.E.N.R.), sometimes referred to as Cold Fusion, can be used to transmute radioactive elements into inert elements.(28) The Navy has done experiments showing that indeed, Cold Fusion can be used to transmute, or speed up the decay of radioactive materials.(29)

Life Ray – John Hutchison with “Life-Ray.org”(30) has developed proven technology that converts radioactive materials into inert elements. The theory underlying the technology is that all matter is energy that pulsates. Radioactive elements vibrate at a distorted frequency as they are trying to stabilize. Cutting edge technology supplies the pulsations that radioactive materials need to stabilize. The technology uses audio and radio frequencies to transmute radioactive elements into inert elements, which are harmless.

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson adjusting his Scalar Energy Device

Bio-Nuclear Remediation
The book
Biological Transmutations by Louis Kervran records observations on the ability of some microbes both to resist and to remediate radiation. Kervran’s book, Chapter XVIII – “Transmutation of Radioactive Wastes”, covers several experiments suggesting that these bacteria would be useful in remediation of the radioactive water in leaking and failed cooling-ponds for radioactive materials.(31)

Thanks to the notes of Mary-Sue Haliburton(32), Pseudomonas and Achromobacter bacteria were found living in the radioactive water of a reactor in Los Alamos. Although exposure levels were ten million Roëntgens over eight hours, these life-forms were reproducing happily every twenty minutes.

Dr. Teruo Higa in Japan heads up a project to Neutralize Radioactive Contamination with the use of “Effective Microorganisms” (E.M.). Microorganisms live in the soil and reside in our intestinal flora. They have the capacity to transmute toxic wastes and can even neutralize radioactivity in the soil. They can also serve as an antioxidant in the body.(33)

According to an article in Science Direct, entitled Bioremediation Of A Soil Contaminated With Radioactive Elements, scientists used bioremediation to neutralize radioactivity in the soil.(34) Tests on soil in the Vromos Bay area, near the Black Sea coast, using microorganisms on highly radioactive contaminated soil, proved very effective in reducing the measured radiation over an 8 month period to acceptable levels.

Crystal and Ormus Solutions – Ken Rhola of “Fresh and Alive” markets pyramids and “Disks” under energy and E.M.P. protection products. They are made from Ormus materials (atoms without electrons in orbit), prevalent in sea water and crystalline materials which are encased in epoxy. When the epoxy contracts during the curing process, it compresses, causing the piezoelectric crystals to vibrate and send out scalar waves. The resulting scalar waves presumably mitigate and transmute radioactivity in the area. This process is similar to the use of volcanic materials in the soil.(35)

Summary – Technologies for the Neutralization of Nuclear Radioactivity

This article is about the technologies available to neutralize or mitigate nuclear radiation. At its source, in our environment and in our own bodies. But the truth is we need to eliminate the use of nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies in any form on this planet. Fukushima and Chernobyl are only the beginning of what may come as a result of terrorism, and aging power plants located on fault lines.

We can still save the planet from nuclear technologies. But for this we must understand its risks and educate ourselves on the solutions for protecting ourselves. We must begin implementing technologies that have been shown to neutralize or mitigate nuclear radiation sources or the resulting radiation. And we must learn to protect ourselves by preventing and treating radiation sickness using the many alternatives outlined here.

I am holding the concept that our planet should be treated like a spaceship, which is completely self-sustaining for the long term, as Buckminster Fuller envisioned. There are alternative technologies that have been introduced, starting at the beginning of the 20th century, which have the promise of fulfilling this promise. We only need to put off our shackles and begin to implement them.

The Risks Associated With One Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Far Outweigh The Benefits Of All The Nuclear Power Generated From Around The Globe.” – J.L.S.


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I wish to give gratitude to Kathleen Smith for the great amount of research she shared with me on the neutralization of the nuclear radiation; and to Gary Vesperman’s comprehensive research that he has done over the years.

About the author:

James Schmidt is a retired Aerospace engineer and project manager with a Physics degree. James spent 7 years in the U.S.A.F. where he became a nuclear weapons effects expert while stationed at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory. James then worked for TRW/Northrup Gruman for thirty years as an engineer and manager. Since retiring, he has devoted his time to exploring new energy technologies and has made presentations on the Bedini Motor at the 2010 Extraordinary Technology Conference and on “Moving from Nuclear Energy to Non-Toxic Breakthrough Energy at the 2013 GlobalBEM conference. James is currently an active member of Universal Trust (www.theuniversaltrust.net) and New Energy Trust (www.newenergytrust.net)

This article was first published in Pulse Magazine nr 5