Approaching The Internet of Us

In my latest post (in Dutch) I concluded that we need a peer-to-peer internet, independent of corporate and government control.
It looks like there already is such a technology! It is called FireChat. With FireChat you can chat with others without an internet connection (offline chat, see instruction videos below).
FireChat is being used in the protest movement in Hong Kong.
Hopefully it will be useful for protest movements in the West as well.

But there is a downside: you have to download the app from an app store (Google, Apple, Samsung Galaxy and others), which means ultimately it is still under corporate control.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  2. Nelson schreef:

    FireChat uses Bluetooth and therefore needs other users nearby to run properly. Approximately within a 30 feet range. It uses other cellphones like stepping stones, allowing the network to grow throughout any crowd. Messages are not encrypted.

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