Spaceship Earth is in deep trouble – James L. Schmidt explains how we can clean the nuclear mess (longread)

In oktober 2013, I participated in the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Boulder, Colorado. One of the speakers was James L. Schmidt, a retired aerospace engineer and former US Airforce nuclear effects expert.

He spoke about the transition from nuclear to breakthrough energy and to my delight he explained that these new technologies can be used to decontaminate nuclear polluted areas and materials. That was the first time in my life I heard someone talk about thorough solutions for this huge and frightening problem!

I highly recommend the video of this presentation, made by the team of GlobalBEM. Thence I was pleasantly surprised to notice that Pulse magazine nr 5 had an excellent article of Mr Schmidt on that same subject: nuclear decontamination.

This article fills mPulse-5y heart with joy. It tells us what our direction can be to clean up the mess.

“All matter is energy that pulsates”

One of the examples Schmidt gives, is the work of John Hutchison:
“John Hutchinson developed proven technology that converts radioactive materials into inert elements. The theory underlying this technology is that all matter is energy that pulsates. Radioactive elements vibrate at a distorted frequency as they are trying to stabilize. Cutting edge technology supplies the pulsations that radioactive materials need to stabilize. The technology uses audio and radio frequencies to transmute radioactive elements into inert elements, which are harmless.”

This article offers such vital information that a wider distribution is desired. Therefore I asked Mr Schmidt’s permission to re-publish his article on TransitieWeb, what thankfully he did.

To be able to properly asses the significance of  this information I first introduce the author somewhat further to you:
James Schmidt is a retired aerospace engineer and project manager with a Physics degree. He spent 7 years in the U.S.A.F. where he became a nuclear weapons effects expert while stationed at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory.
James then worked for TRW/Northrup Gruman for thirty years as an engineer and manager. Since retiring, he has devoted his time to exploring new energy technologies. James is currently an active member of Universal Trust and New Energy Trust.

Following is the summary that concludes the article:

Technologies for the Neutralization of Nuclear Radioactivity
My article is about the technologies available to neutralize or mitigate nuclear radiation. At its source, in our environment and in our own bodies. But the truth is we need to eliminate the use of nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies in any form on this planet. Fukushima and Chernobyl are only the beginning of what may come as a result of terrorism, and aging power plants located on fault lines.

We can still save the planet from nuclear technologies. But for this we must understand its risks and educate ourselves on the solutions for protecting ourselves. We must begin implementing technologies that have been shown to neutralize or mitigate nuclear radiation sources or the resulting radiation. And we must learn to protect ourselves by preventing and treating radiation sickness using the many alternatives outlined here.

I am holding the concept that our planet should be treated like a spaceship, which is completely self-sustaining for the long term, as Buckminster Fuller envisioned. There are alternative technologies that have been introduced, starting at the beginning of the 20th century, which have the promise of fulfilling this promise. We only need to put off our shackles and begin to implement them.

“The Risks Associated With One Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Far Outweigh The Benefits Of All The Nuclear Power Generated From Around The Globe.” – J.L.S.

Click here for full article

2013 GlobalBEM Day 3 Tent 2 Livestream – Jim Schmidt – 5/6

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