Restoring the Flow of Life – Jeff Levin about healing the planet by balancing ourselves and our surroundings

In May of 2015 I attended a Life Alignment seminar given by Jeff Levin and I was impressed to experience the series of quick and transformative healings he gave.
End of October 2015 I went to another seminar with Jeff in order to learn more. A couple of days later I had the opportunity to interview him together with Edith Wassenaar who is coordinating Life Alignment in the Netherlands.

Jeff’s message is one of hope. He aknowledges that we live in a grave situation, globally as well as environmentally and morally, but that does not paralyse him. In fact Jeff shows us a way out by tuning our own consciousness with that of beings of higher consciousness, being ascended masters, arch angels, guardian angels or helpful extraterrestrials. There is a vast amount of positive forces that is ready to help, Jeff Levin underlines. We just need to tune in.

Life Alignment serves as the Operating System for the massive healing proces that is on its way. It is a method that energetically balances body, mind and spirit and that empowers us so that we can stay strong and will be able to keep working for the good of all.

This is a long and in depth interview. For reasons of convenience I list the main topics and their position below the video.



02:11     Activating the body’s own healing capacity
02:35     Opening pathways to chi/prana/life force/energy
02:50     Life Alignment as an operating system for healing – how it works
03:10     Charts, muscle tests, dowsing and body points
05:40     Differences with other healing systems
07:00     Clearing trauma at the moment of its origin
09:50     Mission of Life Alignment
12:10     Concept of permission and priority, active participation in healing
13:30     Receiving the software of Life Alignment from higher beings
15:00     Radionics, the body as an accurate instrument
16:30     Interconnection, energy circuitry and information
18:00     Integration of body, mind and spirit
18:40     Global trends in healing
20:10     Cognitive therapy can last forever
21:00     Entering a higher order than the mind
21:30     Instant shifts into the light
22:00     Body Alignment, being present
22:40     Enormous intercession is available because of high urgency
24:00     Cosmic gifts, Vortex cards
25:00     Geopathic stress, environmental consulting
27:00     Effects of tools powered by a higher dimension
28:00     Micro cosmic influences on the macro cosmos, energizing water
30:00     Individuals as catalysts for thousands of people
31:00     Distinguishing real and false light, trusting higher beings
34:00     Channeling for a higher purpose
36:00     How to tap into higher consciousness
37:00     Food, invasive forces, EMF, wifi
38:30     Life Alignment as a life style and a spiritual practice
39:45     Self healing
41:30     Vortex cards as training wheels, strengthening your field
42:00     Impact of electromagnetic radiation on spiritual practice
44:00     Necessity of tools
45:00     Home Alignment
45:45     Balancing cities
48:45     Downloading from the Galactic network of helpful energies
51:00     Benevolent and not so benevolent extraterrestrial beings, crop circles
51:45     Orbs destroying nuclear warheads
52:00     Life Alignment gives acces to a vast array of frequencies
53:00     Merkaba technology, power cards, the mat
55:00     Continuity of Life Alignment, Master cards
57:00     Non benevolent extraterrestrial forces are fading away
59:50     Everything comes into the open, film series The Truth About Cancer
1:01:30  Individual balances, transmuting, horror
1:02:00  Ripple effect in mass consciousness
1:02:45  Chemtrails, heavy metals, testing the air
1:04:00  Microwave technology, geoengineering, more research needed
1:05:00  How to protect ourselves and the planet
1:06:45  Chemtrails in Canada, our body as transmitter into the planet
1:09:00  Pyramids as electrical generators
1:10:00  Principles of Vortex technology, Malta, transmuting energy
1:12:00  Knowledge, knowing and the importance of personal experience
1:14:00  Discovering new possibilities, learning to trust

Further reading: Life Alignment: The Story of Jeff Levin’s Revolutionary Healing System

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