Michael Tellinger’s update on Ancient Advanced Technology

In an update mail of November 14 Michael Tellinger writes the following:
“There can now be no more doubt in anyone’s mind that we have the physical evidence, tools, artefacts and even the ruins themselves, that are advanced silicone-based technology using sound, frequency and resonance as its activation source. This has attracted the attention of several leading scientists around the world and from many countries, who have shared new and mind shattering information with me in support of my discoveries, adding more substance to this evidence.”
“Last night I was in a 2-hour Skype meeting with a host of leading scientists discussing how this ancient technology will hopefully be used in providing the world today with a new and FREE energy supply. I can tell you that this is as leading-edge science as you can get – all arising from ancient technology that still baffles our minds as to how it actually works. But it is clear that the torus shaped stone that I delivered to Nssim Haramein in Hawaii, sparked this global scientific interest, when it crashed the TSA security system at the Doha International Airport.”

I asked Michael whether his Skype meeting has been recorded.
If so, I hope to be able to post a link to that recording on TransitieWeb later on.
Meanwhile below you will find one of his most recent presentations on the subject as well as an internet radio recording on past and present aims and actions of the Anunnaki.

Michael’s presentation at the Hidden History Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia,
September 1-6 2014

The Russell Scott Show, October 31 2014
Michael Tellinger on The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission

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