GlobalBEM Conference 2013 – Look at ALL presentations on YouTube

Russ Gries, one of the presenters at the GlobalBEM Conference 2013 in Boulder, Colorado USA, did a marvellous job: he made a YouTube page with a list of all the Livestream video recordings of this three days event.
65 video’s in total. Completely free on the web!
This is the url:

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So, if you were not in Boulder this year, don’t worry, this is what you can do:
Take a good look at the program of the conference and its speakers, make some notes of names you think are of interest for you and then go to the YouTube page of Russ and look for the same names in his list.

More video
In addition visit the YouTube page of GlobalBEM wirh 79 more video’s made in Boulder Colorado.

Looking back
Furthermore here is an interesting video of two of the speakers looking back at the event (start at 26:00):

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