GlobalBEM 2013 Conference – The Day After (Eng)

Sunday October 13, the day following the third and last day of the GlobalBEM 2013 Conference I slowly got to realize what this event – in depth – was all about: not merely a better world, but a totally different civilisation.

New Atlantis
The longer I am considering this conclusion, the more convinced I get. The transitions discussed at this conference will have a maior impact on all aspects of society, especially as a result of their combined effects. Together they point at a new era. Some sort of Atlantis, but not a historical, but a future civilisation which has – of course – no name yet.

This civilisation without a name sems to have the following characteristics:

* she aknowledges the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings and their presence on Earth since the dawn of mankind

* she aims at peaceful cooperation with these Others and does so in complete openness, ending all existing secrecy in this regard is a prerequisite.

* she lives in harmony with Mother Earth (Gaia) and therefore practices permaculture as well as organizes herself in small scale self sustaining eco communities

* she is powered by breakthrough energy, the infinite and clean source of energy of the universe

* she is deeply spiritual in nature and lives from the heart

* she is adopting systems for artificial intelligence and other advanced IT on a large scale

These characteristics could serve as a summary of the 2013 GlobalBEM Conference in Boulder Colorado, although they are still somewhat abstract. Hence I need the help of the video’s I made now. In them all related emotions come to life.

To start with ufo expert Richard Dolan.

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  1. Conrad Winkelman schreef:

    i. S (cyclic processes >0 must be: S (cyclic processes) >0
    ii. 3) above must be: 4)
    ii. Some Machines that are called Perpetual Motion Machines of Kind 1(PPM1) and Kind 2 (PPM2) are really to be called Over Unity Machines because their builders agree that energy is tapped from an unknown energy supply Or they claim specifically that the energy is tapped from the ZPE Field. . .Example Tom Bearden and others claim that.

  2. Conrad Winkelman schreef:

    Hi Fred,

    I am glad that to receive your reply as it is. In nuclear energy there may be economic and health repercussions to that would make a wise person decide that the risk that hangs on its exploitation is not acceptable. . .I pas no judgement on that. Society at it functions will ether eventually decide against it or exploit it to a degree that will be disastrous. The same argument applies to any energy technology that is contemplated. The one thing that is valid for Nuclear Energy is that it is unmistakably Over-Unity from an Energy Input-Output point of view. The simple fact is that thermodynamics dictate that in the exploitation of all energy sources energy is rejected in the form of Waste Energy. . .The Entropy concept dictates this because perfect conversion on macroscopic systems does not exist. . .the theories that are based on time-shifted “Zero Entropy” short lived processes on the quantum level also state that over time scales that apply to macroscopic practical systems the Entropy for cyclic processes >0

    S (cyclic processes >0

    Which means that for any “cyclic” systems)that we can realise Waste Energy is rejected and that theoretically at best

    S(closed system) =0 is possible IF that process is perfect.

    The point being for energy Exploitation Systems is then that they are Open Systems and by no means are they Perfect Processes. In fact this means that for practical Power Systems are Systems for which natural energy sources are used PLUS energy inputs to make the process function are processes for which

    1) Energy In = Energy Out is applicable: —– > Energy Balance
    2) The energy Input to make the process function: —- > E(Iw) < E(Ow)
    3) Waste Energy Out is rejected to the environment (Useless Output). . .Heat Pollution
    3) Source Energy(Coal/Oil/Wind/Solar/Nuclear/Hydraulic/etc., etc., etc. is required so that (1) is always true.

    From considering (2) the entropy S(cycle) is E(Ow) < E(Iw) and THIS is the definition of an Over-Unity Power System. It defines the Output Power in terms of the Operating Power. . . The Source Energy is not considered in this. . . All Zero Point Energy systems satisfy this definition too. . . The Energy Balance is maintained!

    This Over-Unity concept excludes Perpetual Motion Machines of any Kind as they are assumed to function with zero Input Energy of any Kind.

    Any practical Machines that is able to have an output in the form of useful power is to be regarded as Over Unity Machine (OUM). Of course this is only so on the basis of Energy and not on all sorts of other aspects people may want to “attach” to the thermo dynamical foundations of that process.

    The question of any OUM that is proposed to be practical remains the only crucial issue and can either be verified to work on the basis of Physical Laws or by Demonstration using unbiased knowledgably parties and under the constraints of accepted Scientific Principles.

    As long as inventors are not willing to have that process be used to have their Invention tested their claims have no value.

    I have a feeling that you will agree that the impossible will remain impossible and the things that are possible will eventually come to pass. . .no matter how many people would like to prevent it.

    I do not believe that Over Unity Machines that actually are efficient from an overall point of view to have them operate economically exist. . .Unscrupulous people would have already put them in operation and would be charging good money for their services. . .selling either the power generated, the machines and spare parts and servicing them. . . to many people are seriously unscrupulous to keep such “ready-to-operate-systems hidden.

  3. Conrad Winkelman schreef:

    Sorry for the spelling errors in the above. There is no Editing Function here. That is not Efficient! I have edited my text in the meantime.

  4. Conrad Winkelman schreef:

    The problem with the videos here is that the are 15 minutes or more bla bla bla of the same rhetoric about cover-ups, conspiracy theories and hearsay and nothing substantial scientifically that is demonstrable. I have been following these nonsense claims you tears and nothing substantial has come of it.. . . “Free” Systems appears to be VERY expensive. . . .The Charlatans will sell you something for great amounts of money and then the system can not be made to work.

    Wake up believers in Miracles. . .
    Get off you Miraculous horses that supposedly can save the world. . .If anyone in power would get its hand on a machine that actually produces power in over-unit quantities as claimed by the Zero Point Energy(ZPE) Freaks then THAT PARTY would be selling these machines all over the world for high prices AND have a credible Marketing System behind them. Shell would be in it. All the Oil Companies would be in it. . . .They would be selling you Energy instead of Oil . . Oil is more and more difficult to find anyway. .The would love to exploit ZPE sources. . . All the Energy suppliers that now use natural gas and oil and coals or whatever would jump in the ZPE Field and SELL you ZPE Energy!

    Such so-called ZPE System require Engineering design offices with people designing the machines, people and infrastructure for manufacturing, people and infrastructure for servicing the machines and executing replacements of worn parts and selling the parts and recycling old worn out machines !!!

    The world would NOT be any different. . .
    In fact the world already operates this way: All the energy in The universe IS already FREE for the taking and AVAILABLE. . .It simply requires Effort . . .and Human Energy and resources to HARVEST that Energy:

    Every Hydroelectric Dam produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;
    Every Solar Energy System produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;
    Every Wind Energy System produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;
    Every Heat Pump Energy System produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;
    Every Biomass Conversion System produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;
    Every Nuclear Power System produces Over Unit Energy in commercial quantities;

    The Concept of Efficiency that is applies to Energy Harvesting or Crop Harvesting or economic endeavour all over the worlds, in every society, in all commercial systems, and in Hobby Systems is that The Fruit of Labour(energy) must be greater than Unity, or else it is Pointless to engage in such an activity:

    Efficiency = (What you get out of it)/(What you put into it) . . . .Efficiency must be >> 1

    This applies to pure energy units. . . and any other unit of endeavour:

    Every system must produce be Over Unit useful Product to make sense. . .If it does not Don’t Do it.

    If a Business runs Under Unity perpetually it goes bankrupt’;
    If a Hobbyist does not get satisfaction from what he does he will quit and do something else;
    If a Gardener fails at everything he does he will eventually quit or go broke;
    If any machine requires more Input than it produces in useful power then it will be replaced with a better one;

    If an organism does not produce sufficiently to sustain life then it dies. . .That is the way of Nature. . .Organism are, till they start to die, Over Unity Biological Machines. . thet will be replaced with new ones by the Process of Life. . . The inefficient ones will die OR be supported by the community because of the conscious decision that it is profitable in social sense to care for the weal and the sick.

    Wake Up. . .We already live in an Society in which everything is structured to function as an Over Unity Machine. . and if it does not it is Retired and set in a Museum or is Recycled.

    • Fred Teunissen schreef:

      Hello Conrad,
      Thanks for your reaction.
      I agree that most renewable energy sources are over-unity technologies already. I say most, because I exclude nucleair energy. Reason for that: you should take into account the massive health damage caused by radiation and other nucleair pollution and also the storage, management and reduction of huge amounts of nucleair waste. The cost of all these long term ‘side-effects’ surpass the direct economic benefits of nucleair energy.
      Main challenge as far as I can see is that when you reduce the usage of fossil fuels and depreciate nucleair energy you will have to find a way to bridge the huge gap between energy demand and energy supply by 2050. Expectation is that the worldwide need for power will have doubled in that year.
      Renewable energy sources as we know them today wille not be sufficient to bridge that gap, even when they grow substantially.
      See for instance:…y-in-2050/
      In my opinion breakthrough energy can fill that gap. It already exists as secret military technology. These technologies should be ‘disclosed’ for civil use as soon as possible.
      Kind Regards,

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