Volgende stap in de escalatie: omschakeling naar een oorlogseconomie

In aansluiting op het bericht van gisteren: de VS willen dat de Europese vazalstaten overschakelen op een oorlogseconomie. Zie deze uitstekende video van de Griekse vlogger Alex Christoforou.

Wat houdt een oorlogseconomie in?
Herinvoering van de dienstplicht, scherpe daling van de levensstandaard, grite risico’s voor uitbreiding van de oorlog in westelijke richting, nog verdere beperking van democratische rechten. Om maar een paar effecten te noemen.

Onder de video van Christoforou stonden een uur nadat deze live ging al meer dan duizend reacties. Hieronder een greep daaruit. Gevolgd door de analyse van de Amerikaanse militaire expert kolonel Macgregor.

‘Eat bugs and be happy’

Art Stone
The big problem that Germany has with turning out lots of military stuff is they don’t have any excess energy. BASF is also looking to move production outside of the EU, as many of their products require huge amounts of natural gas.

😂😂😂 the intro with Lavrov brilliant

Just when you think that we’ve reached peak insanity, another peak comes into view.

Joseph F Dunphy MBA
Wartime spending in economics means 90% reduction in efficiency of purchashing power. So recession will become about 90% worse than things are now.

M Z_911
I’m in Spain …They can’t afford to heat the metro in Madrid much less afford a “wartime economy “bornintothis
is it possible that there are bio-labs and chemical weapons sponsored by the u.s. in the salt mines surrounding Bahkmut?

Rashmi Gupta
I nearly felt pity for Baerbock 😆
Congratulations US and Europe! Looks like you’ll soon be officially at war with Russia. It was nice knowing you. RIP!!

Searle Arnold
Just to go back to that video of Baerbock getting off of her plane. 0:19 Is it just a little disturbing to see the Iron Cross of the Luftwaffe on the side of that jet? I thought the idea was to abandon the symbols of the 3rd Reich after WW2.

Paul Mpalampanis
Blinken visited Mitsotakis in Athens recently and asked him to send the S300 to Ukraine but the Greek Prime Minister refused to do so. Elections are coming up in Greece and now you have a deadliest train collision in Greek history. If you blow up pipelines you are ready to do anything.

D Bow The Black Panther
I’m old enough to remember when The U.S.S.R. dissolved and feeling thankful that myself, my love ones and my future would not have to face a potential nuclear war.
Ironically now, the older I get, the more I realize that the worst thing to have happened to this earth was The U.S. becoming the lone super power.

We teach our kids about bullying. We should have trained the leaders of our nation this talent.

Christine Homer
When USSR was shut down Nato should have been also.

Courage Grace & A Kick in the Ass
@Christine Homer Agreed 💯% there was absolutely No need for it after that.
Although I’m sure if Gorbachev made that a condition Reagan wouldn’t have agreed.

I remember all of that too, the older I became I noticed how
“We” always had to have a nemesis, a country to fear and the constant instillation of that fear into citizen’s.

is it possible that there are bio-labs and chemical weapons sponsored by the u.s. in the salt mines surrounding Bahkmut?

Peter Kriška
I can confirm from Slovakia. People are fed up!

Hairy John
The MSM never talks about the crime of diverting resources that would meet the world’s needs! They’re too selfish to care about poor people dying from starvation.

Yikes, Wolfowitz Doctrine. This was always the plan Germany to become military industrial base Vs economic industrial base. RIP EU. Respect from Dublin

Millenium Falcon
“If you choose to dance with a bear, the bear chooses when the dancing stops.”Bill Owen
Wartime economy means, “You’ll eat nothing but bugs. And you’ll be happy.”

Manuel Jorge Bernardes Silva Pereira
Hi Alex, if that is true we are going back to an economy like 2008 or worse, the state stealing the people.
Keep on the good work.

Greece is shifting to a tourism economy in two months

Viv B.
Alex your humor in these depressing times is saving our sanity. Thank you!

Douglas Macgregor: Everyone Should Be Afraid of War


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