Pulse Magazine nr 2 published


The spring edition of Magazine Pulse is out in the open! We had to wait for it for quite some time, but now it is here and with a lot of interesting articles.

In particular I want to point at Ilija Lakicevic’s contribution: The Secret of Creation, Basic Principles of Breakthrough Physics.

This is a ground breaking, must-read article because it refutes and transcends basic assumptions of maintsream physics.

Other contributions include:

* Water alchemy: harnessing the power of cavitation reentrant jets

* Power archeology – investigating ancient use of living energy

* Funding: do-it-yourself with energy linked currency

* Chills from head to toe within the crop circle

* Creator can be proven in laboratory

* GlobalBEM Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2013

* Creativity offers an integral bridge between matter and spirit

* Peering into the infinitesimal to solve the big problems in life

* Increasing human energy – Tesla’s philosophy of energy and humanity

* The 2014 history of cold fusion calendar

View the magazine online at: http://www.globalbemmagazine.com/magazine/pulse-2/

I wrote the article on Power Archeology. This will be republished here on TransiteWeb shortly.

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  1. Frank; Bonte schreef:

    Pulse, een prachtig naslagwerk.
    Wat betreft Dr. Ilija Lakicevic, res. prof.:
    Alles over zijn nieuwe energie visie is terug te vinden op:
    Ilija is opgenomen in de 0.groep en leert ons nu waar op te letten.
    Tevens wordt zijn kennis wordt nu in youtube filmpjes met de wereld gedeeld.

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