Power archeology: investigating ancient use of living energy

1373452479_Bosnian-Pyramids-BosniaEnergy is everywhere. Still mankind is not capable of using it in a planet friendly and sustainable way.

While searching for new ways we might have to look backward instead of forward since new discoveries point at unknown and radically different ways of using of energy in ancient cultures of 10.000 and more years old.
What can we learn from them?
Can they provide us with new answers?

According to the paqos, the shamans of the indigenous Quero people of Peru, we live in a world of living energy. Energy is everywhere and everything IS energy. We humans are energy ourselves. Energy is pervasive and ubiquitious.

Lately more and more signs point at ancient cultures on planet Earth that might have had a better understanding of this living energy and beter ways to utilze it for their needs.

Bosnian miracles
Recently pyramids or at least pyramid shaped stone structures have been discoverd in Bosnia. ‘Bosnian American’ researcher Semir Osmanagic dates their origin about 25.000 years ago. He lectures about his findings across the world.

Osmanagic believes that these pyramid shaped hills are power generators that produce sound frequenies with the help of large vibrating megalites positioned in tunnels which are connected to the heart of the pyramids. And what is more: they are still in full operation, he claims.

Dutchman Rene van Diest and three of his friends visited these locations beginning of November 2013, concentrating on the tunnel system below the ‘Pyramid of the Sun’ near the city of Visoko. They volunteered in assisting with digging out these tunnels and got a guided tour through them.

In these tunnels Rene made some remarkable pictures of living energy. These pictures not only show dozens of orbs (he even filmed one!) but also what appears to be a clear blueish energy dust covering the surface of the megalites.

Sudden nausea
Rene tells that the first encounter with a big underground megalite his small group had resulted in acute nausea with two of them and a likewise acute headache with himself and one other friend. After two days the group was accustomed to the energy emitted by these large stones and their physical discomfort had vaished.

Rene noticed that the deeper one goes into a tunnel, the bigger the megalites become. They are numbered K1 untill K5, according to their size. “In the vicinity of these stones are what appears to be waiting rooms or healing rooms. My hypothesis is that visitors needed time to adapt to the higher frequencies. A person in good health has an energy value of 7500 Bovis. Whereas the biggest megalites that by now have been uncovered in Bosnia have an energy value of 40.000 Bovis.

The tunnels might therefor be an instrument to gradually adjust to higher energies nearing the center. You can compare this with the decompression process when diving. If my hypothesis is correct in the future even bigger megalites than the K5 types are to be discovered closer as well as under the Pyramid of the Sun.

The proces of digging out the tunnels is still ongoing. About half of de distance of approximately one mile towards the center still has to be done.”

Different time perception
Rene and his group members also noticed tickeling feelings in their hands when approaching the stones and a deep humming sound when they literally lend these stones an ear.

Rene believes these pyramids belong to a worldwide system of interconnected pyramid structures that keep the frequency of planet Earth on a specific level. If true that would make them a sort of spiritual frequency generators.

A remarkable fact finally is that Rene and his group experienced changes in their perception of time. “The first three days of our stay all of us had the feeling it was much later than it actually was. At two oclock in the afternoon we believed it would be around six. So time went slowly. That lasted three days. Back in the Netherlands it was exactly the other way round: time went quicker and we had a feeling everything was going much faster. When we guessed it was two oclock in the afternoon it actually happened to be six oclock.”

One cannot help questioning: what can we do to better understand what is going on in Bosnia? Could we make use of this energy in a positive way? Or should we stay far from this thought and leave these structures as they are as long as we do not fully understand their purpose and ‘modus operandi’?

Rene does not have anwers yet. But he will revisit the spot with a new group in March as well as in October 2014. Hopefully he will find out more then.

Egyptian puzzles
Experienced craftsman and author Christopher Dunn wrote two renowned books about the instruments the ancient Egyptians must have used forming large statues, highly symmetrical portraits and building blocks.

Het convincingly argues that these instruments must at least have been as advanced as the most advanced we have nowadays. According to the mainstream theory of human history this is utterly impossible.

Dunn argues that not only these statues and construction blocks were formed in a so far unknown way, but also that this must have been done with an awful lot of energy. What type of energy? If it could not have been handcraft or animal craft, what else could it have been? It is a big mystery.

Mysterious sounds
Michael Tellinger of South Africa did extensive research related to ancient stone circles in a vast area in the southern part of Africa (not only South Africa). These circles emit high frequency sounds or sound energies. Every circle is unique and vibrates in its own indicidual frequency.

What is more: these circles consist of millions and millions of quartz stones that themselves make remarkable clinging sounds when they touch each other. One wonders: what on Earth happend here hundreds of thousands of years ago? (se also Pulse nr 1 for more details)

Tellinger like Osmanagic believes these structures once were used as power generators. In Southern Africa they were part of an ancient gold delving industry, Tellinger says. At present he is the only one that is deeply and permanently researching this mystery.

Why not allocating governmental or global funds to this venture? Maybe it gives us essential insights into new energy generating technologies, using what Mother Earth already gives, instead of taking fossil fuels away from her.

Up till now we can only speculate about the nature of these ancient technologies and the ways to re-invent them. We have no answers yet. But more effort should be put into ‘power archeology’. Its a new scientifical discipline that might provide us with surprising new perspectives for the future.

(this article was first published in magazine Pulse, April 2014)

Books Christopher Dunn:
The Giza Power Plant (1998),
Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt (2010)
see also www.gizapower.com

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