Geoengineering challenges us to manifest the best of ourselves – talkshow, subtitled in English


At the end of July I received an invitation from activist Paula van Swieten to participate in a talkshow about geoengineering hosted by Fritha de Swardt. Other guests were: Willem Felderhof and Desirée Röver.

The recordings took place on October 20th 2018 in Enschede. The result, titled Geoengineering, what now? offers a penetrating picture of the big questions we face.

Chemtrails and the broader system that they are part of is full on, ex pilot Felderhof states during this studio interview. The systematic spraying of our skies forms a threat to our health and to our environment as a whole. That is one side of the coin. The other is that new opportunities arise, just because we are so heavily challenged.

The geoengineers are re-creating the world in their image. They do that with a sharp focus, with a planning that encompasses many decades and with a formidable and worldwide military-industrial-scientific infrastructure.

That’s impressing, but why can’t we do wat they can? We can just as well form the world in our image. Only we still don’t do this with our full power, inhibited as we are because of fear, disbelief and ignorance.

The offensive of geoengineers forces us to look at essential questions, like:
* How long will we continue contributing to a reality that is far away from our dreams?
* What other world do we envision?
* How do we build these new realities step by step and with a planning that encompasses many decades?
* What resources can we use for this?
Geoengineering presents us with an ultimate test. The manipulation of our athmosphere challenges us to go deep and manifest the best of ourselves.

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Thanks to Wil van der toorn for translating the original Dutch text.

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