Does the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun contain a brain?

According to Frenchman Stephane Cave the tunnels that lead to the Pyramid of the Sun in the village of Visoko in Bosnia contain a working brain and are part of a worldwide ‘information network’ (see video below from time stamp 10:10 until 15:30).
Cave made these statements during the press conference prior to the Hidden History Conference 2014 in Serajevo, September 6, 2014. Mr Cave holds that the big megalites in the tunnels are part of a ‘system of knowledge’ that is connected to similar systems in a worldwide grid of pyramids. “This is a very complex system and does not only record and transmit information, but also measures the vibrations of consciousness all over the world,” he said.
Mr Cave underlined that the system should be dealt with cautiously and with humility. With this he introduces a new and exciting dimension in the ongoing research as well as controverse related to the Bosnian pyramids.

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