Cristal clear images of alien spacecraft on ancient artifacts

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When looking at this picture one is wondering which archeology to believe. The ‘official’ one that holds that because this image does not belong to any known culture the object has to be a forgery.
That is a silly argument.

A whole series of these ‘ufo’–images on artifacts – found in Mexico – in a collection of 3000 objects were shown by artist and researcher Klaus Dona at the Hidden History Conference 2014 in Serajevo, September 6, 2014.
Age of the objects: 8000-12000 years.

Suppose these 3000 objects are authentic, what then happened to similar artifacts that have been found elsewhere? Or are these the only ones on the planet? If not, where are the others?

And what about this one? Looks like an astronaut with a laptop, isn’t it?

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Below is Mr Dona’s full presentation.
The images of alien spacecraft are demonstrated starting at 1:18:11 (roughly one hour and 18 minutes).

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