Our Akashic Records guide is on Amazon!

The English translation of our Akashic Records guide has been published on Amazon! From now on ‘Fly Akasha!: a hands-on guide to explore your Akashic Records’ is available for a worldwide audience.

A warm thanks to all the people that helped us to bring our book into this new realm!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information about the book (see contact page).

Following is the introduction section of the bookCover FlyAkasha e-book

A grand adventure

According to numerous spiritual traditions, after death your soul travels to ‘a place of overview’. There you will be able to behold the life you lived with great clarity. In one flash you draw all the essential lessons from it.

You will also see the fundamental connections with the lives before the one you just left, as well as the possibilities and challenges in future incarnations. It is a wonderful notion that such a place of overview exists. Who wouldn’t be excited?

A little less appealing perhaps is the knowledge that you will only reach such a place after you die. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go there without having to die first?

Memory field

Well, we are convinced you can. Namely by accessing the cosmic memory field that surrounds us always and everywhere, also known as the Akashic Records. The Sanskrit word Akasha means firmament, heaven or ether. These days it is also sometimes referred to as the field.

Until recently, the art of consulting this cosmic memory field had been the privilege of a very select few: mediums with a rare congenital talent in this field, like Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner. In addition there have been spiritual practitioners with high degrees of initiation, who had to keep their knowledge secret from the general public.

A great gift

But fortunately all this has changed recently. The ban of secrecy has been broken. We do not know who or what has caused this. Maybe through atmospheric changes we have all become a bit more sensitized for communication with ‘the field’. Maybe there are other causes. It doesn’t really bring us anything to speculate about this. Fact is that we now know ‘how to do it ourselves’. Which we can all immensely benefit from. For this knowledge is a great gift.

The Akashic Records provide you with a fascinating place of overview. A very wide perspective giving you a better grip on important aspects of your life: your goals, your relationships, your personal development and the projects you are undertaking or want to undertake. And you are completely free here, not dependent on anyone, because this overview is something you develop.

This book is a practical guide. We will share in detail with you how you yourself may—responsibly—tap into this precious spiritual source. Working with the Records is a grand spiritual adventure.

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