Mentally breaking away from the breakaway society

Anyone interested in ufo’s, secret space programs and advanced alien technologies that have been reverse engineered or voluntarily transfered by ET’s to global power elites (aka ‘the breakaway society’) should pay attention to the Secret Space Program Conference 2014 in San Mateo, California, to be held on June 28 and 29.

Worldwide available
All presentations will be available for a worldwide audience thanks to a Livestream coverage
($ 60 for one month on demand access).

Rich YouTube Channel
The initiators of this event did compose a very interesting and rich YouTube channel with video footage of the 2011 Secret Space Program Conference in Amsterdam as well as links to the YouTube pages of the speakers of the San Mateo 2014 Conference.

Ending the separation
Separating inner and outer space is the core goal of all elites. With that statement on the homepage of the event the organizers summarize the content of the Conference. They underline that a new ‘breakaway consciousness’ is needed to end the ‘breakaway society’ and transform our ‘outer space’.


Saturday June 28

0845-0900 – Henrik Palmgren
0900-1030 – Mark McCandlish
1030-1200 – Michael Schratt
1200-1300 – Lunch Break
1300-1430 – Joseph P Farrell
1430-1600 – Robert Morningstar
1600-1730 – Round Table
1730-1900 – Dinner Break
1900-2000 – Round Table #2
2000-2100 – Q + A

Sunday June 29

0845-0900 – Henrik Palmgren
0900-1030 – Catherine Austin Fitts
1030-1200 – Jon Rappoport
1200-1300 – Lunch Break
1300-1430 – Richard Dolan
1430-1600 – Joseph P Farrell
1600-1730 – Carol Rosin (on livestream)
1730-1900 – Dinner Break
1900-2000 – Round Table #2
2000-2100 – Q + A

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  1. Kees Deckers schreef:

    Hallo Fred,

    Misschien is onderstaand artikel aardig als impressie van de conferentie in Nederland in 2011 en als opwarmer voor de komende conferentie:

    Nederlandstalig: Wat is Werkelijkheid – Reactie op de conferentie “Secret Space Program – Breakaway Civilization” (

    Engelstalig: What is Reality – Reaction on the conference “Secret Space Program – Breakaway Civilization” (

    • Fred Teunissen schreef:

      Hoi Kees, ja mooie aanvulling! De foto van die taxi is ijzersterk….
      What on earth (off earth?) inflicted this to that cab and to so many other vehicles far from the twin towers????? Important question. We still don’t have the exact answers ….

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